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—  Dinner —

Refined Traditional Cooking


Dips of the day with grilled pita     8

Warm houmous with sauté mushrooms, pine nuts and grilled pita     9

Gouzleme: traditional Politiki pastry stuffed with kale, roast chilies, kefalotyri cheese served with tomato salad and yogurt   10

Bureki filled with feta and thyme with thyme honey and beet and parsley salad       8

Grilled halloumi cheese with a salad of melon, caper, tarragon and coriander    10

Grilled sardines served with tabbouleh and caper aioli     11

 Fried skate wing with taramasalata, seasonal tomatoes, fennel, preserved lemon and green chilies   11

Octopus with giant beans         12

Manti: Armenian lamb dumplings with spiced butter and yogurt sauce    11

Keftedes: traditional veal and pork meatballs with tzanziki and chopped salad     9

Lacmajun: flatbread topped with ground lamb, pickled beets, pine nuts and pomegranates   10


Bitter Green Salad with green olives, pomegranates, grapes, dukkah and tahini dressing   8

Village salad: Romaine, tomato, cucumber, olive, feta, herbs       8

Watermelon Salad with radicchio, onion and feta   8


Mushroom Bastilla with roasted cherry tomatoes, pea shoots, snap pea salad and labneh    23

Vegetable Moussaka with light fresh tomato sauce, fava beans and kefalotyri cheese    21

Grilled whole branzino wrapped in grape leaves stuffed with herbs served with seasonal greens    31

Rock Bass with roasted tri colour cauliflower, red peppers, pine nuts, capers and tahini    25

Pulled rabbit with carrot filled ravioli, kale, roast baby carrots and avgolemono sauce with dill        25

Mixed pork kebab: marinated pork loin and sheftalia kebab with pikla, rice and house made pita     26

Lamb Rotisserie: marinated lamb neck served with green olives, imam bayildi and dolmades 28

Grilled Lamb Chops with Konstantinos’s lentils, yogurt and oregano     34

Grilled meat of the day     MP

—  Dessert  —

Handmade daily, exclusively in-house

Loukoumades: Greek honey puffs soaked in orange blossom syrup garnished with pistachios   7

Galatobureko: Warm filo pastry filled with semolina custard and drizzled with orange syrup and kanella    7

Selection of baklava: Almond, carob and pistachio with walnut    7

Lemon and yogurt mousse with thyme and mint sauce and mixed berries   8

Pistachio and olive oil cake with olive oil and vanilla gelato and grilled strawberry   8

Classic Chocolate mousse with Cypriot almond and hazelnut cookie   8

Pagoto: two scoops of homemade ice-cream of the day   6