"Pitsillides is good at this, weaving meals of deft little surprises. It makes Kanella one of the year's most refreshing debuts." - Adam Erace food editor Philadelphia Weekly "The dishes at Kanella are as authentic as those you would savor in Greece or Cyprus." - Phyllis Stein-Novack, South Philly Review "It's honest, good food. If there's a gimmick here, it's that what you see is what you get. " - Elisa Ludwig, Philadelphia City Paper "....all food lovers should rejoice that Pitsillides came back with a restaurant all his own." - Joy Manning, Philadelphia Magazine "Chef Konstantinos Pitsillides has created the restaurant of his dreams and ours...He cooks with passion, without fear, and won't dumb down what he believes to be great food." - Collin Flatt, www.Phoodie.info "We have precious few chefs so devoted to celebrating rustic ethnic cooking with the blend of passion, attention to detail, and culinary skill that Pitsillides has. " Craig LaBan, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
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